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P&C Academy: Shaping Futures with the Supreme Four-Year Transformational Program

October 18th,2023


When it comes to preparing for the most prestigious engineering exams in India, the journey can often be daunting. The sheer competitiveness of exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced can create immense stress for students. However, at P&C Academy, we believe in providing a transformative experience that not only eases this journey but also maximizes the potential for success.


At P&C Academy, our Supreme Four-Year Integrated School Program is designed to help students excel not just in JEE Main and JEE Advanced but also in their X and XII Board exams, International Olympiads, and National Level Scholastic Exams like National Talent Search Exam (NTSE). All of this is accomplished within the framework of their school schedule. This intensive four-year training program is designed to be the ambrosia for IIT-JEE aspirants.


The primary goal of our Supreme program is to equip students for success in JEE Main and Advanced, but it doesn't stop there. We aim to ensure excellence in their X and XII Board exams, International Olympiads, and other scholastic exams like IOQM, IOQJS (NSEJS & IJSO). Here's a closer look at our objectives:

IIT-JEE Excellence:

Our program's long-term goal is to help each and every student achieve a top rank in JEE, ensuring they have the best chance of securing their dream engineering college.

Board Exams:

We place equal emphasis on excelling in board exams, recognizing their importance in shaping a student's academic future.

Holistic Preparation:

We prepare students for various engineering entrance exams, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle any challenge.

Mental Aptitude:

We sharpen analytical skills, mental abilities, and problem-solving capabilities to boost their performance in competitive exams.

Simultaneous Preparation:

Our students are prepared for JEE, board exams, and other competitive exams seamlessly within the school schedule.


JEE Main and Advanced are among the most competitive exams in India. The Supreme Four-Year Integrated School Program at P&C Academy recognizes that to succeed, starting early is key. Here's why:

Limited Attempts:

IITs have restricted the number of attempts for JEE Advanced. Students now have just two chances, one after their XII board exams and the second immediately in the next year.

Growing Competition:

With increasing competition, starting JEE Main and Advanced training in Class XI may not be enough for all students to secure a top rank.

Effective Utilization:

Starting in Class IX allows students to effectively utilize their school years, sync their school studies with JEE preparation, and build a strong foundation for Class XI and XII.

Teacher Support:

Our program ensures that students receive effective coaching and synchronized school studies, minimizing stress and maximizing results.


At P&C Academy, we go the extra mile to provide our students with the best possible preparation. Our program offers several unique features:

16 Phases:

The entire course is covered in 16 phases over the four years, providing extensive coverage of topics for JEE Main and Advanced.

Comprehensive Study Material:

We provide a single comprehensive study material, supplemented with additional problems, reducing the need for extra books.

AI Internal Test Series:

Our All India Internal Test Series acquaints students with various examination patterns and provides national-level performance rankings.

Chapter Practice Problems:

Students receive chapter practice problems to strengthen their fundamental concept knowledge.

Class Learning Improvement Program:

We further enhance class learning through this program, focusing on higher ranks in JEE, board exams, and other engineering entrance exams.

Success Potential Index (SPI):

We predict students' SPI to encourage them to achieve their best.

Mock Board Test Papers:

We offer mock board test papers, NTSE mock test papers, and computer-based test series.

Grand Masters Package (GMP):

An exclusive problem-solving package on JEE Main and Advanced patterns.

24/7 Online Test Series:

Accessible online test series with deep analytics and insights for JEE Advanced.

Open Test for JEE: Conducted in more than 72 cities, students can check their preparedness and receive suggestions for improvement.

Dedicated Academic Support:

Our academic operations team provides feedback and support throughout the program.

Relevant Competitive Examinations: We prepare students for a range of exams, including NTSE, International Olympiads, and other competitive entrance exams.


Our Integrated School Program is not just about JEE preparation; it's a holistic approach to a student's academic journey:

Synergistic Approach:

It combines X and XII board studies with JEE Main and Advanced preparation.


Having the same teacher for all-round academic excellence ensures consistency and coherence in the learning process.

Reduced Pressure:

This program eases the pressure on students, providing more time for self-study and extracurricular activities.

Board and Competitive Exam Preparation:

It prepares students well for both board exams and JEE Main and Advanced, complementing each other.

Diverse Exam Preparation:

It equips students for a variety of engineering entrance exams and scholastic exams.


In conclusion, the Supreme Four-Year Integrated School Program at P&C Academy is the ultimate transformational program for students aiming for success in JEE Main and Advanced, board exams, and other competitive entrance exams. By starting early and receiving comprehensive support, our students are poised for excellence in their academic journeys. Join us at P&C Academy, where we are committed to shaping futures and nurturing the brightest minds of tomorrow.


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