What is Bridge Course?

There is a world of difference, a quantum jumps of sorts when a student moves from secondary to senior secondary classes. That is when a student moves from class 10 to class 11th. Part of the reason for this being the fact that everything up to class 10 is generic, compulsory subjects same for all. Come class 11 and things change as a student picks a stream, studies now become more specialized and hardcore. It is often seen that a majority of students struggle to adjust to this change and as a result lose out on valuable time and end up playing the catch-up game for the rest of the two years.

To address this issue, we have developed a bridge course placed between class 10 & class 11. This course is meant for students planning to opt for science after class 10 and spans over a period of 60 days. The course will ease out the transition of students from secondary to senior secondary levels and Will pre-prepare them for the big journey ahead. Fundamental concepts of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology are covered in a lucid and analytical manner. Students are introduced to numerical solving and concept application. Only the best of faculties are deployed in bridge course as we realize the vitality of this course. The course comes with integrated study material specially designed for students at this stage. To conclude, BRIDGE course is an absolute must for students opting for science in HS. It is a shot in the arm that will accelerate academic maturity and keep the students ahead of their peers when they start class 11th.

Bridge Course Application

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