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National Level Olympiad Triumph: P&C Academy Shines Bright in Northeast India

January 10th,2024


In the realm of academic excellence, triumphs are not just achievements; they are milestones that mark the journey of dedicated students. This year, P&C Academy, situated in the heart of Northeast India, has carved its name on the pedestal of success with an outstanding performance in various national-level Olympiads. What sets this achievement apart is the remarkable fact that 6 out of 12 students selected across the region hail from P&C Academy, showcasing the institution's commitment to nurturing bright minds. Let's delve into the details of this extraordinary feat.

The Unprecedented Achievement

Six out of twelve students selected across Northeast India hailed from P&C Academy, marking an unprecedented achievement in the realm of Olympiads. The institute's prowess in molding bright minds was further validated by the outstanding performance of its students in various Olympiad categories.


IOQM (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics)

  • Shivangshu Sarmah (Class 12th)
  • Raj Ahmed (Class 11th)


NSEC (National Standard Examination for Chemistry)

  • Shreyashi Mahanta
  • Shivangshu Sarmah
  • Trushita Kakaty
  • Abhinab Borah
  • Kshetrimayam Dishan
  • Eshika Agarwal

NSEB (National Standard Examination for Biology)

  • Nishrin Nabiha Ahmed
  • Ishan Banerjee

Rising Above: Beating Our Own Records

The joyous news of clinching eleven selections more than the previous year in various Olympiad categories is not just a celebration for P&C Academy but a testament to the relentless dedication of both students and mentors.

Individual Triumphs

Shivangshu Sarmah: A Mathematical Maestro

As the beacon of mathematical brilliance, Shivangshu Sarmah's selection in the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM) speaks volumes about his acumen. A student of Class 12th at P&C Academy, Shivangshu's journey exemplifies the institute's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a love for mathematics.


Raj Ahmed: A Rising Star

In the Olympiad journey, young talents like Raj Ahmed often emerge as the stars of tomorrow. His selection in IOQM, while still in Class 11th, underscores the early bloom of brilliance at P&C Academy.

Shreyashi Mahanta: Mastering Chemistry

The success story extends beyond mathematics to the domain of Chemistry, where Shreyashi , daughter of Shyamkanu Mahanta's triumph in the National Standard Examination for Chemistry (NSEC) illuminates her mastery over the subject. P&C Academy's dedication to holistic academic development is evidently reflected in Shreyashi's achievements.

Trushita Kakaty, Abhinab Borah, Kshetrimayam Dishan, and Eshika Agarwal: Chemistry Prowess Personified

The collective success of Trushita Kakaty, Abhinab Borah, Kshetrimayam Dishan, and Eshika Agarwal in NSEC is a testament to P&C Academy's emphasis on comprehensive excellence. These students stand as ambassadors of the institute's commitment to nurturing talents across various disciplines.