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What is PCET : A Comprehensive Guide to PCET Scholarship Test

November 18th,2023


The Potential & Concept Entrance Test (PCET) is a crucial stepping stone for students transitioning from class 10 to class 11 Science at P&C Academy. It's not just an exam; it's a gateway to unlocking potential, paving the way for a promising future in the fields of Medicine or Engineering. Let's delve into the details of what PCET entails and the opportunities it opens up for aspiring students.

What is PCET?

PCET, or Potential & Concept Entrance Test, is an annual eligibility cum scholarship test conducted by P&C Academy. Tailored for students moving from class 10 to class 11 Science, this smart test evaluates their knowledge in General Knowledge, General Science, and General Mathematics. The primary objective is to gauge the students' intellect for subsequent counselling and admissions into P&C Academy's integrated Medical or Engineering Course, coupled with higher secondary education focusing on board examinations.

Scholarships Based on Merit

The PCET score is not just a number; it's a key to unlocking scholarships for deserving candidates upon their admission to P&C Academy. Depending on the merit, students can be awarded a scholarship of up to 100% in tuition fees for the Class 11th Integrated Courses.

PCET Scholarship Test for 2024-25

For the upcoming session, the PCET Scholarship Test will be conducted both online and offline. The syllabus comprises Class 10 level Mathematics and Science questions, with a total of 45 to 60 questions in a 75-minute paper. Success in the PCET can translate into significant financial assistance for students pursuing their dreams in the field of Medicine or Engineering.


To address common queries, here are some frequently asked questions about PCET:

What is PCET Scholarship Test?

PCET is an Eligibility cum Scholarship test designed to assess the intellectual capabilities of students transitioning from class 10 to class 11 Science at P&C Academy.

What is the Benefit of PCET?

   - Successful candidates can avail scholarships of up to 100% in tuition fees upon admission to P&C Academy's Class 11th Integrated Courses.

Who is Eligible for PCET?

   - Students moving from class 10 to class 11 Science are eligible to appear for PCET.

What is the Syllabus of PCET?

   - The test covers Class 10 level Maths and Science questions.

How do I appear for PCET?

   - For offline mode, students need to come to their selected venue on the specified date and time with a pencil, pen, and a readiness to tackle challenges. For online mode, a PC, laptop, or Android mobile device is required, along with downloading the provided app.

When is PCET held?

   - The test is conducted annually for the upcoming academic sessions.

Is PCET Online or Offline?

   - PCET is conducted in both online and offline modes.

What is the fee for PCET?

   - Details about the fee structure can be obtained from P&C Academy's official communication channels.


PCET is not just a test; it's a pathway to realizing academic and career aspirations. By combining intellect, ambition, and scholarship opportunities, P&C Academy's PCET is empowering students to embark on a journey of educational excellence and achievement in the fields of Medicine and Engineering. Whether online or offline, PCET is a beacon of opportunity for the bright minds of tomorrow.


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