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Weightage Analysis of Class XI vs Class XII, JEE Exam Trends from June 2022 to April 2023

December 21st,2023


The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a pivotal milestone for aspiring engineers in India, determining their entry into premier engineering institutes. Understanding the weightage of Class XI versus Class XII, the trend analysis, and the importance of specific chapters can significantly enhance one's preparation strategy. In this blog post, we delve into the Weightage Analysis of JEE from the June 2022 Attempt to the April 2023 Attempt, exploring percentiles, mark jumps between January and April 2023, and the significance of Class XI and Class XII in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Percentile Marks and Rank Analysis:


The journey from the June 2022 Attempt to the April 2023 Attempt witnessed fluctuations in percentile scores. A thorough analysis of percentile trends can provide valuable insights into the competitiveness of each attempt. Candidates are advised to track their performance relative to the changing percentiles to assess the overall difficulty level of the exam.

Jump in Marks: January vs. April Attempt 2023:


One of the intriguing aspects of JEE is the marked improvement in scores from the January attempt to the April attempt. Understanding the factors contributing to this jump can be instrumental in refining one's preparation strategy. We will explore the reasons behind the variations and provide insights to help aspirants capitalize on their strengths.

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Weightage: Class 11 vs. Class 12:


Analyzing the weightage of Class XI versus Class XII in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is crucial for aspirants. Certain topics from Class XI might carry more weight in the exam compared to others from Class XII, and vice versa. A detailed examination of these weightages will guide students in allocating their time and focus appropriately during their preparation.

Trend Analysis Based on Last 3 Years:


Exam trends are essential to discern, and a three-year analysis provides a comprehensive overview. We will delve into the changes in question patterns, difficulty levels, and the significance of specific chapters over the last three years. Understanding these trends can be a strategic advantage in preparing for the upcoming JEE exams.

Top 10 Chapters You Cannot Miss:


Certain chapters consistently make a prominent appearance in JEE exams. Identifying and mastering these chapters can contribute significantly to a candidate's success. We will list the top 10 chapters across Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics that aspirants should prioritize in their preparation.

Most Important Chapters (Based on Last 3 Years' Analysis):


A closer look at the most important chapters based on the last three years' analysis can provide valuable insights into the evolving nature of JEE exams. Aspirants can tailor their preparation to focus on these chapters, ensuring a well-rounded approach to the syllabus.


The journey from Class XI to Class XII and through the series of JEE attempts is a challenging but rewarding experience for aspiring engineers. A thorough analysis of weightages, trends, and chapter importance can make this journey more manageable and increase the likelihood of success. As we navigate through the intricacies of JEE 2023, let this analysis be your guiding light towards achieving your engineering dreams.

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